First United Methodist Church Brenham

Welcome to First United Methodist Church Brenham

Welcome to First United Methodist Church Brenham

Watch Our Sunday Services 

Watch Our Sunday Services 

Welcome to First United Methodist

Church Brenham

Watch Our Sunday Services 

Early Riser Service               8:00 AM

Celebration Contempory   9:15 AM

Early Sunday School            9:30 AM

Sunday School                     10:00 AM

Traditional Service            11:00 AM


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Sunday Morning Worship

Early Riser Service               8:00 AM

Celebration Contempory   9:15 AM

Early Sunday School            9:30 AM

Sunday School                   10:00 AM

Traditional Service            11:00 AM

The Celebration and Traditional services can be found every Sunday on Facebook via the Media tab on this website.

We can also be heard every Sunday morning at 11:00 AM on KWHI 1280 AM

or Listen Live at:

Our Location

408 North Baylor

Brenham TX 77833

About Us

Celebrating 175 years of mission and ministry in the heart of Texas. Our ultimate mission is "Making Disciples of Jesus Christ."

Office Hours



8:00 AM-4:00 PM


Contact Us



We would love to hear from you. Feel free to give us a shout and connect with us.


Welcome to First United Methodist Church in Brenham.  I’m Pastor Bobbie Maltas, I’m honored to be appointed as the senior pastor of this wonderful congregation.  So on behalf of the entire staff and the lay leadership of our church, thank you for visiting our website. 

While our time in history may feel uncertain due to a worldwide pandemic, deep divisions in our American society on so many levels, and natural disasters ravaging our beautiful nation, I find comfort in the fact that God’s promises are true and enduring throughout eternity.  Each time I think hope is lost, I catch a glimpse of God’s reign through the compassion, acts of kindness and mercy, and deep abiding faith through the people of this United Methodist Church. 

In two distinct worship styles, both the Traditional and Celebration services are biblically focused, full of music and prayer, reflection and response to the Holy Spirit.  I love both styles for different reasons and I think you’ll be able to find a sacred space in which to worship with us.  Whether online or in person, this congregation is gracious and welcoming – You are warmly invited to be our guest.

Grace and Peace, 

Pastor Bobbie Maltas


Working toward a better world.

Missions Team

Our mission is to inspire all persons to respond with gifts and service to meet the needs of people both locally and globally, through the mission and outreach ministries of First United Methodist Church. Mission service and outreach to others is woven into our very being as followers of Christ and members of FUMC Brenham.

Children's Ministry

The children’s ministry of First United Methodist Church Brenham, is a place where faith, imagination, and learning go hand in hand.  We believe the best way to prepare our kids for the future is to help them fall in love with Jesus, and connect them with safe, loving adults who model following Jesus and invest in their lives. 

Chris Ann Stroech

Director Family Ministries


United Methodist Women

United Methodist Women are dedicated to bringing Women of Christ together to be in mission and to fellowship with one another.

Student Ministry

We want to provide opportunities for students to develop their faith and grow in their Biblical knowledge. We want to help students recognize and develop their gifts and talents and  to build a community that makes students feel safe, loved and like they belong.


Read our latest newsletter to stay updated!


Come and get involved!

A New Life Resolution

Monday Morning Bible Study

10:00 AM in the Activity Center

It is the custom of many of us to make New Year’s Resolutions. In the life of the church we usually refer to these as New Life Resolutions. I want to invite all of us in 2021 to become resolute to begin or join a Bible Study or at least study God's Word on our own.

I want to invite you to consider an on-going Bible Study that meets on Monday mornings in the Activity Center. We are social distanced and we all wear a mask. The study begins at 10:00 AM and is led by a variety of facilitators/

teachers each bringing their own unique perspective to the passages we are considering. This is a great place to begin if you are studying the Bible for the first time or
if you consider yourself a Bible Scholar. You will find yourself among friends and family.
Wishing for you all a New Year full of Blessing and Peace!

For more information call the church office





Hospitality Ministry Opportunities

Every member of FUMC is a minister of hospitality. Those specifically designated to serve in this ministry regularly remind us of our own call to this God-like spirit. They welcome our guests each Sunday, and they awaken within us our oneness in Christ. They serve the health and wholeness of the entire community.

One area of the ministry of hospitality includes the basic responsibilities of the Usher which include:

· Being attentive to the special seating needs     of families and individuals

· Maintaining a spirit of order and calm;

· Taking up the collection;

· Facilitating the communion procession;

· Managing any emergencies;

·  Offering the bulletin to people as they enter the church building.

Another ministry of hospitality includes the role of Greeter, whose responsibilities might include:

· Greeting people as they enter the church       building with a smile and words of welcome;

· Shaking hands with people, as the situation    permits (following Covid);

· Greeting people by name, when possible; 

· Generating a spirit of welcome and     belonging for all members.

A new component of the ministry of hospitality is Parking Lot Team, whose responsibilities might include:

• Smiling and waving at cars as they arrive   and depart from the parking lots.

• Clearly directing guests to parking spots and

 our building.

• Giving first-timers, the handicapped, and   latecomers priority parking.

• Directing guest to appropriate building for the service they will be attending.

Parking Team, Ushers and Greeters are often the first point of contact for people arriving for worship. That first greeting sets the tone for each individual person. It can provide a sense of belonging and connection for a guest or a member. The minister of hospitality has a very serious role to play in setting the tone for worship.

Ministers of hospitality, will be offered effective training to be open and aware of the importance of their role so that they can maintain the God-given spirit of this ministry. Before joining the ministry of hospitality, yourself, consider the following qualities. A minister of hospitality will have or learn:

• The ability to make eye contact, smile and     talk to strangers;

• Basic understanding of the structure of the   service of worship

• A love for First UMC Brenham

• A prayerful and calming presence; and

• An ability to see the face of Christ in every   person

Each hospitality minister needs to spend time in prayer and reflection before coming to the church to serve. Our hearts and minds need to be filled with the presence of God, so that we can offer that loving spirit to others. 

To become a part of this important ministry within the church contact the church office.

Volunteer Opportunities

Medical Point of Contact – This individual is a medical professional who helps the church staff and leadership develop the medical emergency portion of the church’s Emergency Response Plan. In the near future it would be very helpful for the congregation who has at least one person who serves as a Medical Point of Contact during large congregational events such as worship or concerts or drive-through meal distributions. An orientation will be provided to those volunteering for this position. Contact Pastor Bobbie Maltas for additional information:

Church Safety Team Member – The church safety team will develop a Church Emergency Response Plan. The plan will include procedures in the event of weather, medical, security or evacuation emergencies. The Emergency Response Plan will be codified and published in a “flip book” style format and placed in multiple locations throughout the campus so that anyone involved in an emergency has easy access to pertinent information. An orientation will be provided to those volunteering for this team. Contact Pastor Bobbie Maltas for additional information:

CURB (Clean-Up, Repair & Beautify) Team – The CURB team is a group of volunteers working individually, in pairs or in groups to tackle tasks around the church such as going through our various nooks and crannies, clearing out the clutter or properly displaying wall hangings, powerwashing church entrances, inventorying church property or giving a face lift to rooms with a fresh coat of paint. Supplies, equipment and tools will be provided unless you prefer to use your own. The number of hours and when you volunteer is completely up to you. Contact Pastor Bobbie Maltas for additional information: